Takeaway Leaflet Design Tips


Your leaflet is the window to your takeaway business and here are some tips on how you can dress your window to impress.

The overall image and quality of your leaflet are key to it even getting looked at before hitting the bucket! Give considerable thought to the restaurant image you want to portray – do you want to be seen as cheap and cheerful or a bit more high end?


The design of your leaflet should reflect this and the colours chosen, together with the quality of paper and the actual finish, are worth considering here.


Have you thought about using a different size or shape to attract more interest? Or even a matt finish instead of the usual high gloss – anything to make your business stand out from the increasing number of restaurants now offering takeaway and delivery services.


What can you offer the customer that is unique – and available now? Special offers and vouchers which are available with that specific leaflet, and for a limited time, serve many purposes – including tracing the success of the leafleting campaign and also getting customers to respond and take action quickly. It is easier to get repeat business, providing the service is good, than first time business.


The choice of colour and font is crucial, especially when there are a lot of menu options – the correct use of upper and lower case, with an easy to read font, combined with no more than three colours, make for pleasant reading.

Colour itself – it is often better to stick to the colours that symbolise certain foods – such as reds and golds for curries,
greens and browns for salads and sandwiches, and blues for seafood, but this isn’t to say you can’t mix it up a little, especially with shades. Avoid pale colours for font.


Consistency is important – your leaflet sells your brand – make sure your leaflet represents your shop front, packaging, website, etc. and makes your restaurant identifiable as soon as the leaflet is spotted.


Professional photography of the dishes on offer can be well worth the investment. Make sure the food is presented perfectly and only photograph a few of the most popular dishes. Less is more – there is nothing worse than a takeaway leaflet packed with photographs of unappealing food.


Words – again, less is more! The front page is where you need to clearly state the type of food being offered, contact details, and how to order. This is vital – simplicity of how to order. If there is an option to order online, make sure the website can beused easily. Address, map and opening times, together with whether there is delivery service, minimum spend and radius, are often better placed on the back, depending on the actual leaflet size and shape. The front, ideally, should focus on the brand and the food, highlighting any vouchers or discount codes, with a stunning image, and how to order it.


Boxing off certain areas with special offers, set menus and meals for special dietary requirements, makes the leaflet easier to follow.


Ensure there is a mention, on the back preferably, of how you are following COVID -19 guidelines and how customers can help keep staff safe.

This builds trust in you and your business.