Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book leaflet distribution with you?2022-10-04T14:31:48+01:00

Simply call us or send a message Contact us today: 07445 927904 or email us: leaflets.distribution1@gmail.com

How quickly can you begin distributing my leaflets?2020-10-11T15:16:48+01:00

10 days notice is generally all that we require; however the more notice you can give us the better.

What is your minimum distribution quantity?2020-10-11T15:18:08+01:00

The minimum distribution quantity per order is 5,000

What payment method do you accept?2020-10-11T15:19:35+01:00

Bank transfer is our preferred payment method.

Do you provide distribution reports?2022-10-04T14:34:03+01:00

We will email you full mapping reports of the distribution after completing your distribution. The map will show the covered areas road by road.

How do I get my leaflets to you?2020-10-11T15:25:29+01:00

We can normally offer a free collection service if the collection address is local to the distribution area. Alternatively many clients have their leaflets delivered direct to us from the printers. Lastly, you can of course drop the leaflets off to us at our office address.

How can you prove my flyers are really being distributed?2022-10-04T14:35:03+01:00

We have proper control measures in place to ensure every one of your leaflets goes through a letterbox. The distribution is fully supervised by a team manager who is on site, with his team, all the time the distribution is taking place. This manager has a small team of 4 to 6 distributors and is responsible for making sure they carry out the distribution diligently. We use live GPS tracking

Do prices vary depending on the area?2020-06-13T09:51:47+01:00

This can be the case sometimes and it is determined by the housing density and the terrain. There are some towns and post code areas which have a low housing density, – this means the houses are often detached and standing far apart from each other, in addition the terrain can also be hilly. In these types of areas it takes longer to distribute the same amount of leaflets compared to areas of high density housing, – where houses are often terraced with minimal or no driveways. When you make your enquiry we can assess the distribution area and quote accordingly.

What are your prices for leaflet distribution?2022-10-04T14:38:19+01:00

The prices we charge are dependent on both the size and quantity of your material. Please visit our pricing page for more details