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7 Must Read Leaflet Design Tips

leaflet design tips

To help you with your leaflet distribution campaign we have put together 7 simple must read leaflet design tips.

1. Grab Attention.

Your leaflet should grab the persons attention.

Using a good headline will make your leaflet stand out and it will avoid the prospect of the leaflet being thrown in the bin.

Think about how newspapers work for a moment. They use a good headline to attract your attention and make you want to read the newspaper.

In the modern world, people are bombarded by marketing messages from every direction so it is really important for your leaflet to stand out from the crowd.

Using surveys is an effective way to find out what the “go” button is for your prospects.

Try using online surveys and polls to test out your headline and see which one gets the best results. Or even ask your friends!

2. Use Images

A picture can paint a thousand words they say and it’s true in leaflet design too.

If you have too much text on a leaflet it can be a turnoff and is a sure way of your leaflet ending up in the “circular file”

Getting your photos taken professionally would be a good idea if your budget allows or use one of the stock photo services online.

You want your product or services to be shown in the best light possible so try to avoid badly taken photos.

Try to elicit an emotional reaction in the reader with your images. Using emotions in your images such as “happy”, “sad” or “excited” can make a big difference.

Colours can produce an emotional reaction. Try flicking through a holiday brochure, the photographs transport you to the destination!

3. Get Your Leaflets Proofread

When you have finished designing your leaflets, check your copy for mistakes.

Even better get someone else to look at the leaflet.

Sometimes you can be too close up to the leaflet design process to be objective.

Choose someone who you trust to give you constructive criticism or employ the services of a professional proofreader.

4. Choose The Right Paper Weight

Heavier paper tends to be better quality but can be hard to carry especially if they are going to be hand delivered so it’s is important to bear this in mind when choosing paper.

We found this article on paper weight which gives you a bit more information on this

5. Don’t Use Too Many Fonts.

When planning your leaflet design we recommend that you use no more than 2 fonts.

If you use more than 2 fonts the copy can be less pleasing to the eye and spoil that first impression!

6. Less Is More.

Don’t overwhelm people with lots of images and lots of text.

Keep in mind the acronym K.I.S.S i.e Keep It Simple Stupid!

If your prospect gets overwhelmed with the message on your leaflet they will be more than likely reject your leaflet.

7. Use A Call To Action

Your reader needs to be directed to take action after reading your leaflet.

An obvious example of this is asking your reader to call you or visit your website.

You will be suprised how often this step is omitted!

We recommend that you use an incentive to make the call to action stronger.

This could be by using a promotional code that can be used over the phone or online or it can be emphasizing a time limit to increase the sense of urgency to take action.

For example “offer ends 31st December” or “hurry while stocks last”

We hope you found these tips useful.

If you have leaflet design tips of your own you would like to share please leave them in the comments section below.

Happy Leafleting!