Leaflet Ideas For Estate Agents

estate agent leaflet ideas

Estate Agent Leaflet Ideas That Work

Are you planning a leaflet marketing campaign for you Estate Agent business? We have some great leaflet ideas for estate agents that will help you get more leads and sales!

Know Your Market

Estate agents are in the business of selling in two different markets. If you are an estate agent you already know that of course but there’s no harm in reminding yourself and perhaps more importantly, anyone you employ of that basic fact. 

To the general public, selling homes and other properties on behalf of your clients is probably the more visible aspect of the business, what with “For Sale” boards and the property descriptions with photos displayed in your office shop window. 

Arguably it’s the other side of your two pronged sales campaign where you really need your leaflets or flyers. Before you can sell houses you need to have houses to sell! That means selling your services to the prospective vendors in your target area.

It’s very unlikely that no-one in that neighbourhood is contemplating putting their home on the market with a view to moving to a larger house or downsizing or moving elsewhere. For those who are, your leaflet dropping through their letterboxes conveys at least two messages. Firstly, it says to the householders, “Yes, now is a good time to sell. Your judgement is sound! ”

Having given their egos a bit of a polish the leaflet’s other message is to set out briefly the reasons why they should choose your firm out of all the other estate agents in the area to handle the marketing and sale of their property for them. 


Your leaflet can only convey those messages if the recipients actually read them. Those who are contemplating a move now or soon probably will do, which makes them your main target audience, assuming they haven’t yet chosen an estate agent. A well designed and produced leaflet should lead them to choosing you. 

There will be many who have no intention of moving in the foreseeable future and they will probably just drop the leaflet in the re-cycling bin, but that’s only to be expected. However if your leaflet is well designed and produced, some of those may read it and put it away for future reference. After all we are told that the average person moves house approximately every seven years or so.

Keep it Simple

How do you go about producing a leaflet whose recipients are likely to afford it a bit more than a passing glance? If you’re going to create the flyer yourself then first of all, discipline yourself to keep it simple and un-crowded. You need to use pictures, but not too many.

Be Economical

Be economical with the text and don’t use too many different styles and sizes of typeface. Be careful with colours. Too many will be a turn-off, you need to get the balance right.   If you have a coloured logo then, using those same colours throughout can help to reinforce your brand image. 

Don’t Annoy Potential Clients

If you use a coloured background, make sure that whatever colour typeface you use is easy to read against it. A good many magazine publishers fall into that trap and it is extremely annoying. Needless to say, annoying your potential clients is not going to persuade them to choose you!  It doesn’t just need to be a different colour; it needs to be the right different colour. If in doubt, stick with white and use a black or dark coloured font.  


You need a headline that catches the attention. That is most important because once you’ve got people to read that, you have their attention for a second or so. Don’t waste it! Because you’ve got the headline right they’ll want to know more so they’ll read on. Keep paragraphs or blocks of text brief but not so brief as to be meaningless.

Size Matters!

Size matters! Well, the size of your leaflets matters, that’s for sure. A4 is good because, folded twice, it fits neatly into an envelope and its folds naturally provide three panels on the inside and another three on the outside for you to display your images and text nicely spaced. You need to consider too the material on which your leaflets are printed. A leaflet printed on card is much more impressive than the same one printed on paper, however glossy the paper!


By the way, don’t dismiss the idea of delivering your leaflets in envelopes. Not many people, on receiving an envelope with something in it, can resist opening the envelope, if only out of curiosity and taking out the enclosed item to see what it is all about. 

Looking at it leads to reading it, at least your headline. Now you’ve got their attention! It probably works best if the envelope is blank or maybe bears an eye catching image but not your name or the words, “Estate Agents” or any other clues. Remember, curiosity is a powerful force and is not exclusive to cats! 


Now for the content: In as few words as possible, tell the reader what you will do for him or her that other estate agents maybe don’t do. What makes you different? That’s what you want to emphasize. Keep it tight but don’t overdo the brevity. 

Be very careful about spelling and grammar. You want your leaflet to portray your agency as the highly professional business that it really is. A leaflet full of grammatical errors and incorrect spellings gives quite the opposite impression. Oh, and don’t be tempted to bad mouth your competitors. That’s very unprofessional!

Instead of referring to “clients” and “properties,” make it more personal. For example, “You” and “your home,” sounds much warmer and more inviting. 

We hope you found these leaflet design tips for estate agents useful. Do you have any leaflet design tips you would like to share? Please leave them in the comments below!

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