Takeaway Leaflet Design Tips

Are Leaflets And Flyers Still A Good Idea?

leaflet marketing

In this digital age it is easy to think that leaflets are an outdated medium.  These days instead of magazines we read websites, mobile phone apps have replaced address books, and instead of writing letters we send emails.  However the real, printed world is still out there and there are times when a physical item such as a leaflet will help promote your business more than a website.

 It has been found that when we read text from paper we take it in better than when we read it on a screen.  This is not the only reason leaflets are useful.  It can be the best way to advertise certain businesses.

Here are some examples; 

When your business is mostly off-line:

Whilst a website is still important, people will look you up online, there are certain businesses that don’t offer online services.  For example if you are a carpet cleaning company the service you offer is a physical service.  With leaflets you can target specific areas to reach your correct demographic.

 When your business is ‘traditional’:

An old fashioned style hardware store that has been family run for 100 years with tend to do better with printed matter such as leaflets.  They are appealing to a certain kind of customer who is more likely to respond to a leaflet with some kind of offer on it than going online to find you.

You’re just starting your business:

If you are a new business people aren’t necessarily going to know you exist if you rely on only having a website.  However a well-placed leaflet drop gets your name instantly known and people are more likely to look you up online.  Leaflets can be a quick and cost-effective method of marketing a new business.