Is Leaflet Distribution Effective?

leaflet distribution

How Effective is Leaflet Distribution?

In this digital age of instant communication it’s very easy to dismiss leaflets through letterboxes as old fashioned and no longer relevant. That would be a mistake. Let’s look at that question carefully. Is leaflet distribution effective? Is it, really, in this day and age? Did you know that statistics show that 48% of consumers respond to leaflets through their doors? That’s 1% more than either direct marketing or TV ads achieve! So not only is leaflet distribution effective; it’s much less expensive than at least one of its closest competitors.

Effective Leaflet Design

Having established that the answer to the question, “Is leaflet distribution effective?” is “Yes,” we should add the usual proviso: If it’s done properly. The leaflets have to be well thought out and designed with good quality printing on good quality paper or card. Using photocopies of photocopies with blurred pictures and cranky printing may be cheap but it looks it too. That makes you look cheap and shoddy which is not the impression you want to create! Remember, as we all know, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Your leaflet is that chance; therefore it really is worth putting in the time and trouble to get it right.

Leaflets vs Email And Social Media

It might be worth looking at the reasons why carefully crafted leaflets posted through potential customers’ letterboxes can be more effective than slick, modern, email and social media campaigns and the like. Think about it. How many of the emails that swarm into your Inbox every day do you delete without opening them: Especially if your system has dumped them in the Junk Mailbox? When a leaflet arrives most people will pick it up then look to see what it’s about. It may be just a glance but if something about it catches their eye, they can’t resist reading more.

Attention Spans

We are told that the average person has a much shorter attention span than was the case in previous generations: but and it’s an important “but”, those who study these things also tell us that people tend to pay more attention to what they  read on paper than they do to words on a screen.


It is important to make sure the leaflet distribution is targeted as accurately as possible. For example there would be little to be gained by distributing leaflets promoting the supply and installation of stair-lifts on an estate of bungalows.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

The fact is, businesses need to use as many of the promotional media available to them as they can afford. Leaflets may be the oldest but they tie in well with the more modern systems. Leaflets are a great offline way of feeding traffic to a website.

Head Start

Old fashioned, yes but remember: People like old fashioned. It’s comfortable and many people who don’t need the service right now will keep the leaflet and who knows, a few months later maybe they’re on the ‘phone! No guarantee, obviously, but that business will have a head start on the competition. 

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