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Leaflet Distribution

  • We offer a shared leaflet distribution service

When all is said and done we understand that you want a reliable leaflet distribution firm that guarantees to deliver your leaflets for an affordable price.

As seasoned leaflet distributors we have tweaked and refined our service to ensure that you get high quality shared distribution which includes:
full supervision, and;
full GPS satellite tracking.

Our service in detail

Leaflet distributionOur great value shared leaflet distribution service is where your leaflets or flyers are delivered through the door along with a maximum of 2 other leaflets. As part of our service guarantee we promise that we will never deliver your leaflets with a direct competitor. This means for example that we won’t deliver 2 plumbing flyers at the same time.

Our shared service is very different compared to other distribution firms as they will often deliver your leaflets along with as many as 5 others, and this can have a serious negative impact on your response rates. A “pile” of 6 or 7 leaflets landing on the doormat is likely to go straight into the bin. By choosing our service your leaflet will only be accompanied by 2 others, thereby giving your leaflet the best chance of maximum exposure.

To further meet the needs of our clients you can also choose to have only 1 other leaflet delivered with yours, just add £10 per thousand to the prices shown on this page.

Supervised distribution

Leaflet distribution LondonYour entire leaflet distribution campaign takes place under the management and supervision of a team leader. The team leader monitors and controls the quality of work performed by their team of 4 – 6 leaflet distributors. The team leader’s job is to ensure the distributors are indeed delivering each leaflet through each letterbox, making sure the distributors deliver to the right roads and keeping the distributors working at the right pace. This hands on supervision approach helps to get our clients excellent results.

GPS satellite tracking

As if full supervision wasn’t enough, your distribution is also fully tracked by live GPS satellite tracking. That’s right; we have invested in state of the art technology which allows you to actually watch your distribution as it takes place in real time, – you can actually see the distributor walk up to each letterbox! Live GPS tracking gives you proof and evidence that your flyers are actually being delivered.

We think you’ll agree that the level of quality assurance we offer our clients is outstanding. So don’t take any chances with your door drop material, book our services today and get guaranteed leaflet distribution.

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